AGAMEE –A Society for Help for Self Help
‘Agamee-A Society for Help for Self Help’ initiated the Education programme with the objective of providing the underprivileged children a healthy, learning environment. The pre-school education programme had been functional for last 26 years in three project areas in three districts, namely Howrah, Hooghly and Kolkata district. The age of the children of this programme ranged between 3 to 6 years and they joined primarily from families of rickshaw/van pullers, casual daily labours and vegetable vendors. These children very often were prey of their poor economic background. The organisation, therefore, provided them nutritional support to overcome the malnutrition they were suffering from. Apart from the nutritional support, necessary educational aids like text books, dress, were also provided. They were imparted with lessons in extra-curricular activities like dance, music, recitation and painting for a holistic development. The schools are namely
    1. Dasnagar Pre Primary School, Howrah (1997-2015)
    2. Chandanpur Aima Pre Primary School, Hooghly (1997-2020)
    3. Chetla Moni Sanyal Non Formal School in Kolkata (1997-2020)

The above mentioned schools are presently non functional due to reasons like pandemic situation. The Society is now functional in two districts. One pre-primary school runs in Gobardanga (North 24 Parganas )and two other coaching centres are functional in Purulia. 25 children are attending the pre-school from Monday to Friday between 7a.m. to 10a.m.


4. Govardanga Adivasi Non formal school in 24 Parganas (North)

5. Agamee Puila Marshal English Coaching Class in Purulia (from class VIII to XII)

6. Agamee Baba Tilka Manjhi Murmu Coaching Class (from V to VII)

Background of Purulia Coaching Center


The tribal village Baragora, is located in the Kashipur Block and Police Station, falls under Kalidaha Panchayat and Post Office of Purulia District, West Bengal. It is about 10 Kms. from the village Indrabil, which is also the nearest railway station.

Although there are Pre-primary, Primary and High Schools in Purulia, even basic subjects like Bengali, English and Maths are not taught adequately. The children of the poor tribal community therefore, lag behind in grasping their studies. The poor education quality gives no alternative or improved income options to the villagers or their children in the future. Their poor economic condition bars families from providing necessary for tuitions to their children.

Under this circumstance, Agamee initiated a new educational project in Purulia on 5 September, 2020. The educational centre was named “Puila Marshal’ in Santhal language meaning “The first light” in English or ‘Pratham Alo’, in Bangla. This initiative started as an English coaching centre with young boys and girls, subsequently classes on different other subjects like Mathematics and Computer were also introduced. Currently 35 adolescents(class 8 to 12) of the village are enrolled in this class. . The existing coaching classes – Mathematics, English and Computer – are very helpful already and highly appreciated by the local community. Due to the limited space and high demand, the classes are in held in two groups, six days a week, before and after regular school hours (7-9 AM and 3-4 PM).

 Currently, another coaching centre has been functional in Purulia (Class 3 to 7). Bengali, English and Science are the subjects that are taught in this  centre.