AGAMEE –A Society for Help for Self Help

When the “AGAMEE A Society for Help for Self Help” was formed, in the nineteen-nineties, unpaid primary schools for children from economically backward families were running in various areas, but there were no pre-primary unpaid schools. Children from wealthy and middle class families used to start education in Kindergarten, pre-primary, etc. as they still do. Children from poor families did not have the privilege to study before primary school. We started free pre-primary schools in Gobardanga, Chandanpur, Chetla etc. with thirty / thirty-five students and one teacher and one teaching assistant / assistant in some areas of “AGAMEE” West Bengal to give opportunity to the underprivileged students. Apart from the only school in Dashanagar, most of the future schools in the area except Hotar, Rampura (Medinipur), Ghoshaldanga near Shantiniketan (Birbhum), etc. are becoming self-reliant. Twenty-five years later, the “Society for Help and Self-Help” has come up with some new plans. We are moving ahead to provide better education to the students, skill training to the youth and targeting the marginalized population of the society for their sustainability as well as prosperity.

Dr. Sunil Das, writer of more than 300 short stories, 16 novels, 5 books of essays, 8 plays, travelguru and Juvenile stories. Founder  – Sangbarta Group Theatre. Founder – Agamee – A Society for Help for Self Help. Recepient of many literary award including Bimal Mitra Memorial Award. Professor of Bengali language & literature.

Dr. Sunil Das

Founder, Agamee –A Society for Help for Self Help